How to remove Background noise from Video in 2021

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It is 2021, Digital Era

COVID Pandemic not only helped people to stay at home, but it also helped people to discover their passion and talent and showcase their creative side to the world.

And people used the YouTube platform the most, as they felt video content is more powerful than any other.

In 2020, No of YouTube channels created increased to 23% compared to the previous year.

And for every minute, 500 hours of video content are uploaded on YouTube. This is a massive count.


What if your audio quality is not good?

What if your background noise hinders the quality of the video?

Will Subscribers watch a video full of noise?

The background noise actually kills the quality of a video. Hence, it is important to remove the background noise of the video before uploading it to YouTube.

Now comes the next question, How to remove the background noise of the video?

I have a solution for it. Please read the article further and watch the video to have more clarity on how to remove the background noise in a video.

We will be using a tool called Audacity to remove background noise from your video.

Go to the Audacity tool page, and download the free tool based on your respective operating system.

And after downloading and installing, follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Open the Audacity tool and import the file

Once you finished your installation, open the audacity tool. The interface of the tool looks like this

Now, you need to upload your sample video which has a background noise

File–> Open –> Add the video

Step 2: Select the sample profile

What is a Sample profile?

A Sample profile is a 5-10 seconds space where you start the recorder without your voice so that the background noise of your environment is captured

With this sample profile, we can entirely remove the background noise of your video

Now select the sample profile of the uploaded audio of your video, and now got to

Effect –> Noise reduction –> Get noise profile

The sample noise profile has been captured by the tool

Step 3: Apply and remove the noise for the entire video

Now, in order to remove the entire noise

Select –> All (Entire audio of the video will be selected)

And then select,

Effect –> Repeat Noise reduction

Now the background noise is removed for the entire video

Step 4: Save your audio

Now, you need to save this as an MP3 file, that select

File –> Export –> Export as MP3

Now the audio file has been saved.

Step 5: How to merge your audio with video

This is the most important part, we need to merge our audio with the video, as our main aim is to remove background noise in a video

Many editing software will solve this purpose, but I have a easy solution for this

Go to the Onlineconverter website

And now follow the 3 steps

Step 1: Select Video converter

Step 2: Select Add Audio to Video

Step 3: Upload your video and audio and click Add

It will take you to Download now screen, click download now option and the audio merged with your video will be saved as video in your harddisk

And now, you can use your background noise-free video anywhere and increase your productivity in your creative work


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