About Me

Hello People, thanks for visiting this page to know about me. I appreciate your curiosity.

Let me take a short and quick ride about me and my life.

I am Karthik from Coimbatore, India. I am a Digital marketer currently.

As per the Indian customs, we follow our passion only after completing engineering and satisfy society with our terrific convocation images on social media.

I was a victim of this custom, so I spent (Studied) 4 years of my life for a degree that was demanded by society, and finally got my degree + a job in an MNC as a bonus.

I worked there as a software engineer for 18 months without much interest, I decided to do an MBA after engineering so my thinking was always on the management aspect

So I resigned from my job on an auspicious day thinking that my life will turn auspicious hereafter.

After clearing CAT, I landed up in a prestigious institute to do my MBA. I loved each phase of my college life and really enjoyed the academic part. And at the end of 2 years and I got a degree which I want + a job in a private bank.

I got the path I wished for and thought my life will be on a roll hereafter.

The twist in the story:

But, there was a twist. The bank which I worked lacked ethical guidelines and had a toxic work culture. I always believed in my skill and knowledge, thought I would get a better job, and left my job there.


And I started learning Digital marketing through Implementation, and as the site name suggests, I believe in Integrated digital marketing because a business can 3X its revenue by following an integrated approach than normal digital marketing services.

I provide service for my client in the following areas:

  • Digimix marketing (Integrated digital marketing; a combo of all)
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Paid ads on Social media

Please feel free to contact me for my services.

Have a good day !!